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Leonard Bernstein's Anniversaries are collections of short solo piano works that he wrote as gifts, or occasionally memorials, for people close to him. Written over the course of more than 40 years, they reveal the tremendous breadth of his voice as a composer, and the evolution of that voice over the course of his life.

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The Leonard Bernstein Office Mission

The Leonard Bernstein Office (LBO) sustains and strengthens Leonard Bernstein’s legacy by inspiring global engagement with his work as a composer, conductor, educator, and humanitarian. Through licensing, promotion, music editing, and publishing, the LBO strives to communicate his lifelong devotion to the transformative power and joy of music.

Submit your memories to the Leonard Bernstein Memory Project and help us keep his legacy alive.

Thus Spake Leonard Bernstein:

"The only difficulty in conducting Mahler is durability, the ability to last, a simple physical problem of maintaining the intensity, concentration and physical energy that is required. . .emotional energy. . . , tension, nervous energy, which is required to take a large Mahler piece from beginning to end. That’s the only problem that I have ever found with Mahler, because I find everything so explicit and clear in those scores, so specifically detailed. . . I don't think there is any way of missing Mahler’s intention if you have a basic sympathy with the music. . . "

Leonard Bernstein
Interview with Robert Chesterman
"Conversations With Conductors", 1976

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