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Honoring Debby King (1949-2021)
It takes years of “practice, practice, practice” to get to Carnegie Hall, but once there, you would find your way to the stage in the co…

The Path to MASS: Recollections from the First Celebrant
I received a call in August of 1971 that auditions were being held in New York for the opening of the new Kennedy Center, with a new work be…

Now Available: West Side Story - The Making of the Steven Spielberg Film
Featuring never-before-seen unit photography, storyboards, costume and concept designs, and behind-the-scenes photos from Academy Award–wi…

West Side Story (1961) Returns to the Big Screen
West Side Story (1961) returns to the big screen for a special two-day event with exclusive insight from Turner Classic Movies: TCM Host Ben…

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