Fall/Winter 2017-2018

The Bernstein Centennial around the world; remembering Richard Wilbur; Leonard and Felicia Take a Knee
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Spring/Summer 2017

Special Edition: Leonard Bernstein at 100
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Fall/Winter 2016-2017

The Tanglewood Rituals; Artful Learning: Full STEAM Ahead; Lenny's Legacy; Violeta Parra's Centennial and Bernstein's Love for the Nueva Cancion Chilena Movement; remembering Gordon Davidson; West Side Story in concert at the Hollywood Bowl View online | Download PDF

Spring/Summer 2016

High-brow, Low-brow, All-brow. Artful Learning: Exceeding Expectations. A Talk at IAMA. Leonard Bernstein's Batonmaker. Remembering John Evans. Music and Love in Chile. The Leonard Bernstein Scholar-in-Residence at the New York Philharmonic. MASS in the Czech Philharmonic. SONY Honors Carnegie Hall. There's a Place for Queens. Bernstein Through a Jazz Lens. On the Town. Some Performances. Note to Readers. Bernstein Through a Jazz Lens. On the Town. Bernstein Meets Broadway Wins Award. Leonard Bernstein Collection: Volume 2. View online | Download PDF

Fall/Winter 2015-2016

On The Waterfront: The Score. Artful Learning Update. On The Waterfront: Restoration and Adaptation. On The Waterfront Film With Live Orchestra Performances. Misty Copeland Dances "On The Town". "Kaddish" for Samuel Pisar. Candide at Glimmerglass Festival. Candide in Munich. West Side Story Productions. A Quiet Place. Somewhere Project Update. Leonard Bernstein: An Album of Family & Friends. Bernstein in China. Leonard Bernstein Award. Leonard Bernstein Honored in Chicago. Some Performances. New Recordings. View online | Download PDF

Spring/Summer 2015

A Father Champions His Son. From the Artful Learning Blotter. Bernstein's Seemingly Simple Song. MASS in Philadelphia. LB, MLK, and American Diplomacy in Berlin. Leonard Bernstein at 100. Boosey & Hawkes Program Guide. "Age of Anxiety" Ballet. New Books. The Somewhere Project: A Citywide Exploration of "West Side Story". A Memory of "On The Town". New York Philharmonic to Premiere "On The Waterfront Film with Live Orchestra". La Guardia Goes "On The Town". "On The Town" Cast Album. Sony Releases Remastered Sibelius Recordings. View online | Download PDF

Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Leonard Bernstein: Artist as Educator. Artful Learning Snapshot. West Side Story Film with Live Orchestra. West Side Berlin. Pacific Music Festival. Bernstein Meets Broadway. View online | Download PDF

Spring/Summer 2014

Leonard Bernstein: America's Music Director. Artful Learning Spotlight. News. Upcoming Performances. New York Festival of Song. NY Philharmonic Gala. View online | Download PDF

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

A Quiet Place; Artful Learning National Snapshot; The Leonard Bernstein Letters: Questions and Answers with author Nigel Simone; Tribute to John F. Kennedy; Leonard Bernstein, My Rabbi; Young People's Concerts DVDs, Volume 2 View online | Download PDF

Spring/Summer 2013

Artful Learning Celebrates Success; West Side Story Film with Live Orchestra: Creating the Score; New York Philharmonic Archives Update; Le Sacre at 100. View online | Download PDF

Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Leonard Bernstein & POTUS; Artful Learning; West Side Story around the world; remembering Carlos Moseley View online | Download PDF

Spring/Summer 2012

Includes the West Side Story Project at Phoenix House; Artful Learning Update; Late Night with LB; West Side Story on tour; West Side Story film with live orchestra; Wonderful Town in UK View online | Download PDF

Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Letters Shed New Light on Bernstein Era; Artful Learning Update; MASS turns 40; Musical Instrument Museum Leonard Bernstein Display; Bernstein Online; Wonderful Town; Schleswig Holstein Presents Leonard Bernstein Award. View online | Download PDF

Spring/Summer 2011

West Side Story Film with Live Orchestra; A Quiet Place at The New York City Opera; Lessons Learned from Chichester Psalms; Artful Learning Summit; The New York Philharmonic Digital Archives; Remembering Jack Gottlieb. View online | Download PDF