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OperaVision presents Bernstein Week

Posted June 1, 2020

If, like Leonard Bernstein, you can't live a day without hearing music, OperaVision has you covered.

Opera Vision to stream Trouble in Tahiti and Candide

Tuesday, June 1, at 7pm CET, trouble is brewing. Opera North's staging of Bernstein's first opera Trouble in Tahiti revives 1950s suburbia in a colourful criticism of American consumerism. This performance stars Wallis Giunta, winner of the Young Singer Award at the 2018 International Opera Awards, in the role of Dinah. >>watch here

On Friday, June 5, at 7pm CET, The Grange Festival presents a concert performance of Candide, continuing his satirical attack on hypocrisy. Marvel at the transformation of Voltaire's sharp blow against tyranny into catchy, energising music theatre. Glitter and be gay! >>watch here

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