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From the Archives: MASS in the Czech Republic

Posted August 23, 2021

MASS in the Czech Republic

(as printed in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Prelude, Fugue & Riffs)

Beginning in March this year and returning in the autumn, MASS has been touring the Czech Republic. This production was presented by BUJOART with Josef Buchta and Vojtěĕch Dyk (who is the Celebrant) as producers. The Head of Production is Lucie Karafiaátová. Vojtěĕch Dyk, the Celebrant, is a graduate of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, and is one of the most prominent personalities at the contemporary Czech cultural scene. The orchestra is made up of the B-SIDE BAND and leading professional instrumentalists. Other musical participants are the Czech Ensemble Baroque and the Pueri Gaudentes Boys Choir. The Street Chorus is made up of acclaimed young performers from the Czech Republic. Performances have taken place in Olomouc, České Buděĕjovice, Brno, Ostrava and Prague and will return to Brno, Prague and Hradec Králové in September.

Some reviews:
Bernstein’s Mass with Vojtĕch Dyk: all boundaries have been exceeded
“...the vocal mastery of Vojtĕch Dyk seems to know no bounds... an ideal celebrant – an actor Bernstein might not have even dreamed of.”
-Eva Polívková, 18.3.2016

Bernstein‘s Mass in Ostrava Gong: the amazing Vojtĕch Dyk brought a new dimension to the work
“Great soloists, excellent orchestra, impressive audio-visual show, breathtaking choirs and the main protagonist Vojtĕch Dyk thrilled the audience. The show is creatively directed by Michal and Imon Cabani and conducted with remarkable vigor by the Slovak conductor Oskar Rozsa.” -Milan Bátor, 16.3.2016 For more information:

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