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Deutsche Grammophon Celebrates The Maestro

Posted November 9, 2023

Deutsche Grammophone celebrates the legacy of Leonard Bernstein by releasing ten new digital albums to be released betwen September and November 2023. Now available: Barber - Beethoven, Bernstein conducts Bernstein, Bizet - Brahms, Britten - Harris, Haydn - Liszt, Mahler, Mendelssohn - Mozart, Puccini - Shostakovich, Sibelius - Stravinksy, and Tchaikovksy - Wagner.


Deutsche Grammophon also presents 'A Glimpse of his Genius,' a series of four videos that delves into Leonard Bernstein’s multifaceted genius as told by fellow musicians who are profoundly inspired by him and have had the honor of crossing paths with him – both professionally and personally.

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