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"Artful Learning" launches at Ottomon Elementary in Orangevale, California:

Posted March 28, 2015

March, 2015, has been an exciting time for the students of Orangevale, California's Ottomon Elementary.

After extensive planning and training with representatives from the Leonard Bernstein Center in the fall of 2014, school administrators and teachers at Ottomon have worked together to launch their first Artful Learning-inspired units of study.

“This is an exciting journey that we’ve embarked on here at Ottomon,” said Principal Hilda Fernandez. “I truly believe that the Artful Learning model enlivens the teaching and learning experience for our entire school community, and I am thrilled to see the energy this work already is bringing to our campus.”

Artful Learning in action at Ottomon Elementary

This is not the first school in Northern California to implement the Artful Learning Model; Salvador Elementary in Napa, California, is in its fourth year of implementing the innovative program in its classrooms.

Principal Pam Perkins of Salvador Elementary explained the impact of the program at her school:

"When you see students who started with Artful Learning in kindergarten or first grade, and they’re now in fourth and fifth grade, … they really approach their learning in a much different way."

Principal Perkins described her students as "problem solvers":

"They really become more creative thinkers, and they’re not afraid to try things and explore in different ways their learning.”

Ottomon Elementary, proud to call itself an Artful Learning School, put together the below video to explain what the program means for its students and the school:

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