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'It's Gotta Be Bad to Be Good' Out Now!

Posted April 1, 2019

From two-time Grammy winning producer Adam Abeshouse comes a stunning release from the Leonard Bernstein songbook. From Critically-acclaimed Soprano Amy Owens and Grammy-winning pianist and music director Michael Barrett, ‘Its Gotta Be Bad To Be Good’ is a diverse record of 26 classics and never before released songs from the legendary composer. (1- Compact Disc) ORDER HERE

It's Gotta Be Bad to Be Good CD Album Cover

It's Gotta Be Bad to Be Good CD Album Back
Track Listing
1. It's Gotta Be Bad To Be Good
2. Peter Pan - Who Am I
3. Peter Pan - Peter, Peter
4. Peter Pan - My House
5. Arias & Barcarolles - Little Smary
6. Arias & Barcarolles - Greeting
7. My Baby's Baby I (unpublished)
8. My Baby's Baby II (unpublished)
9. I Hate Music! - I. My Name is Barbara
10. I Hate Music! - II. Jupiter Has 7 Moons
11. I Hate Music! - III. I Hate Music
12. I Hate Music! - IV. A Big Indian and a Little Indian
13. I Hate Music! - V. I'm A Person Too
14. Réi La Mi (unpublished)
15. The Madwoman of Central Park West - My New Friend
16. Mass - I Go On
17. A Quiet Place - Dede's Aria
18. Candide- Glitter And Be Gay
19. Meditations Before A Wedding
20. For Lukas Foss
21. In Memoriam - Helen Coates
22. In Memoriam - Nathalie Koussevitzky
23. For Steven Sondheim
24. For Felicia on our 28th Birthday (& Her 52nd)
25. For My Daughter, Nina
26. Bridal Suite - Prelude