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* = reprinted in LB's book Findings
** = reprinted in the The Joy Of Music
*** = reprinted in LB's The Infinite Variety of Music

N.B. Most reprintings are different versions from the originals

Honor Thesis

*"The Absorption of Race Elements into American Music" Harvard University, 1939


[Numbers in parentheses = month/year of publication]

Season of Premieres in Boston", Modern Music, Vol. XV, No. 2 (1/38) pp. 103-106: Review of Violin Concerto No. 2 by Prokefiev, etc

* "Boston Carries On", Modern Music, Vol. XV No. 4 (5-6/38) pp. 239-241: Review of various Prokofiev works, and other composers

* "True Story With a Moral", Harvard Advocate, 1938 "Music", Harvard Advocate, (11/38) pp. 27-28: review of BSO concert and Siegmeister's "Music and Society"

"Record Review", Harvard Advocate, (3/39), pp. 30-31 Reprinted in Undergraduate Writing of Distinguished Graduates, Donald Hall, editor, New York: Twayne, Inc.

"The Latest From Boston", Modern Music, Vol XVI, No. 3 (3-4/39) pp. 182-194: review of Schuman Symphony No. 2 & Harris Symphony No. 3

"Young American, William Schuman", Modern Music, Vol. XIX, No. 2 (1/42) pp. 97-99: review of SchumanSymphony No. 3

"Neglected Works: A Symposium", Modern Music, Vol. XXIII, No. 3 (1/46) Reprinted in Perspectives of New Music, Spring-Summer 1964, pp. 33-34

"The Arts Belong to the People", The Christian Register, Vol. CXXV, No. 2 (2/46)

* "Music and the Dance", Dance Magazine, (6/46) Meaning of "fun" and its role in making music

"Jazz Forum: Has Jazz Influenced the Symphony?", Esquire, (2/47) pp. 47, 152-153 (Con: Gene Krupa, Pro: LB, concluding that symphonists have not captured the true spirit of jazz, but that jazz rhythms have had a marked influence on such composers.)

"The Essense of Music Study", Etude Magazine, Vol. LXV (4/46), p. 294 LB's early views on music education

"Musical Trends in Palestine Viewed By An American Visitor", New York Herald Tribune, (8/31/47)

"The Negro in Music", New York Times, (11/2/47)

* "Music U.S.A., 1947". Sponsored by RCA Records for various newspapers

* "Life is Juicy", poem, Neurotica, Vol. I, No. 1 (Spring 48), p. 40

"Note On Variety", Strawinsky in the Theatre, A Symposium, Minna Lederman, editor, Dance Index, Vol, VI, Nos. 10-12 (1947), p. 283. Published in Hardcover: New York: Pellegrini and Cudahy, 1949

"Music That Sings", Theater Arts, Vol. XXXII, No. 2, pp. 14-16 (2/38) Records in review; presages later views on Mahler Symphony No. 5

"Music and Miss Stein", New York Times Book Review (5/22/49) Review of Last Operas and Plays by Gertrude Stein

"Prelude to a Musical", New York Times (10/30/49) Re Marc Blitzstein's Regina

"The Jazz Scene Today", Downbeat, Vol. XX, No. 12, p. 25 (6/17/53)

** "Why Beethoven?", Seven Arts, No. 2, pp. 33-40, New York: Doubleday, 1954

* "This I Believe", in anthology of same title, Edward R. Murrow, editor New York: Simon and Schuster, 1954

** "Notes Struck At `Upper Dubbing', California", New York Times (5/30/54) On problems in writing the score to On the Waterfront

** " Symphony or Musical Comedy?", The Atlantic, Vol. CLCIV (11/54), pp.25-29

** "A Nice Gershwin Tune", The Atlantic, Vol. CLCV (4/55), pp. 39-42

** "The World of Jazz", Vogue, Vol. CXXVII (3/15/56), pp. 103-05, 142-45

"Colloquy in Boston", New York Times (11/18/56) A struggle of conscience in defining Candide as operetta

"Letter from the Conductor", Jacket note for LB recording of Handel Messiah, CBS M2l-242. Reply to criticism of LB's editing of the score.

"Leonard Bernstein Explores American Musical Comedy", Vogue, Vol. CXXIX (2/1/57), pp. 158-159, 208-211

"The World of Jazz", Film Music, Vol. XVI (Spring 1057), pp. 20-24 Script notes for the Omnibus television program

** "Speaking of Music", The Atlantic, Vol. CC, No. 6 (12/1957), pp. 104-106

"Notes, That's What I Mean By Musical Meaning", New Republic, Vol. CXXXVIII, No. 23 Interview with Henry Brandon, (6/9/58), pp. 13-16

** "On Modern Music", Gentleman's Quarterly (Summer 1958), pp. 76,123 ff.

Preface to book: Jazz Improvisation by John Mehegan New York: Watson-Guptil, 1958

** "What Makes Opera Grand?", Vogue, Vol. CXXXII (12/1958),pp. 12021, 157ff.

"Only a Beginning", Institute of International Education News Bulletin, Vol. XXXIV, No. 6 (2/1959), pp. 25-26

Foreword to book: A Teacher Speaks by Philip Marson. David McKay Co., 1960

*** "Nobody Listens Anymore, George", Show, Vol. II, No. 2 (2/1962), pp. 92-94

"The Double Mahler", Boston Symphony Orchestra Notes (10/12/62), pp, 215-216

Introduction to book: The Art of Pedaling by Heinrich Gebhard, New York: Franco Columbo, Inc., 1963

* "Letter to Marc ", National Institute of Arts and Letters (12/15/64) Tribute to Marc Blitzstein

* "What I Thought and What I Did", New York Times (10/24/65)

"Tribute to Aaron Copland on His 65th Birthday", The American Record Guide (11/1965)

*"Mahler: His Time Has Come", High Fidelity Magazine (4/1967)

* "Letter to Franz Endler", (German) Die Presse, Vienna (5/23-24/70) For Contennial anniversary of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde

* "Principle of Hope", Boston Symphony Orchestra Booklet (6/28/70) For opening exercises of Berkshire Music Center, Tanglewood

* "Aaron Copland: An Intimate Sketch", High Fidelity Magazine (11/1970)

*Introduction to biography: George Gershwin by Charles Schwartz, New York: Bobbs Merrill, 1973

"Eulogy for Jennie Tourel", New York Times (12/9/73)

* "Aaron and Moses", for Copland's 75th Birthday, Schwann Record Catalog (11/75) Reprinted from Alice Tully Hall (NYC) program notes (11/12)

Article on Kurt Weill for Weill exhibit catalog, Lincoln Center (10/76)

Introduction to book: Sing, Children, Sing, Carl Miller, Ed. UNICEF (1977)

*Foreword to book: Stille (German) by Alexandra Von Malaise. Molden Edition, Graphische Kunst (Vienna 1977)

Foreword to book: The Music of Israel by Peter Gradenwitz. Horizon, 1978

Introduction to book: The Beatles by Geoffrey Stokes. New York: Times Books, A Rolling Stone Press Book, 1980

Introduction to The Beethoven Nine Symphonies, Booklet Deutsche Grammophon 1980

Introduction to book: The World of Seiji Ozawa by Akira Kinoshita (in Japanese) Tokyo: Kodansha Co., Ltd., 1981

Introduction to book: William Schuman Documentary by Christopher Rouse, Bryn Mawr: Theodore Presser Co., 1980

"Bernstein on Brahms" Brahms Four Symphonies, jacket notes, DG 2741023 1983

"The Truth About a Legend", from Glenn Gould By Himself and His Friends, John McGreevy, ed., Toronto: Doubleday Canada Ltd., 1983

"Lemon Mousse" from How To Cook Reagan's Goose: A Political Cookbook, Washington, D.C., The Women's Nation Democratic Club, 1984

Contribution to Mademoiselle: Conversations With Nadia Boulanger By Bruno Monsaingeon, Manchester, England: Carcanet, 1085, pp. 117-119.

"Late Night Thoughts on Mahler's Ninth", Atlantic, 1985

"Ode, um vor der ersten `Siegfried-'Probe rezitiert zu werden"(German) ("Ode to be recited before the first `Siegfried' rehearsal") Vienna State Opera Program, May 21, 1985 "The Plausibility of Hope" (Letter to the Editor), Harper's Magazine, September 1985

"Symposium: West Side Story", Terrence McNally, moderator with the four authors. New York: The Dramatists Guild Quarterly, Autumn 1985

"Die Wiener Philharmoniker", Foreword by Leonard Bernstein, J &V Edition, Vienna, 1986

"La Mia Bohéme" (in Italian), Rome: Musica e Dossier, December 1987 Epilogue to "A Bridge to Peace" by Dr. Kevin Cahill, New York: Haymarket Press, 1988

Original Program Notes by LB On His Music

* indicates reprinting on published score and /or recording

* Jeremiah: New York Philmarmonic Notes, 29 March 1944

*Three Dance Variations from Fancy Free: New York City Symphony Orchestra Notes, 21 January 1946

*Three Dance Episodes from On the Town: Rochester Philharmonic Notes, 28 February 1946

* Facsimile: Rochester Philharmonic Notes, 3 March 1947

* Serenade: Boston Syphony Orchestra Notes, 15 April 1955

Symphonic Suite from On the Waterfront: Berkshire Evening Eagle, 10 August 1955

Mass: Kennedy Center Program, 8 September, 1971

Dybbuk Suites: New York Philharmonic Notes, 3 & 17 April 1977

*Halil: Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Notes, 23 May 1981

Chichester Psalms: part of New York Philharmonic Notes, 22 September 1988 WRITINGS ABOUT BERNSTEIN

[Biographies, dissertations, books for young people, books by Bernstein, foreign editions, etc.]


Family Matters (Sam, Jennie and The Kids)
Bernstein, Burton
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1982. Published in German as: Die Bernsteins, Munich: Albrecht Knaus Verlag, 1987

Leonard Bernstein, The Man, His Work and His World
Briggs, John
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Leonard Bernstein
Burton, Humphrey
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Conversations about Bernstein
Burton, Wiliam W.
Oxford University Press, New York, 1995

Leonard Bernstein: Una Vita Per La Musica
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Leonard Bernstein: Notes from a Friend
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Leonard Bernstein: Der Komponist
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Bernstein: Remembered: a life in pictures
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(editor) Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc., New York, 1991

Leonard Bernstein
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Leonard Bernstein, Eine Biographie (in German)
Gradenwitz, Peter
Zürich: Atlantis Musikbuch-Verlag, 1984 English (London)

Leonard Bernstein, A Biography, Berg (distributed by St. Martin's Press, NYC in USA) Also in Japanese and Hebrew

Leonard Bernstein: The Infinite Variety of Musician Berg Publishers Ltd., UK, 1987
The Private World of Leonard Bernstein
Gruen, John & Ken Hyman
New York: The Viking Press, 1968

Leonard Bernstein (in German)
Holde, Artur
Berlin: Rembrandt Verlag, 1961

Leonard Bernsteins Ruhm (Fame) (in German)
Kaiser, Joachim (editor)
(Thoughts and Information on the Life's Work of a Great Artist) Munich: Albrecht

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Ledbetter, Steven
Boston Symphony Orchestra in association with David Godine Publisher, Inc., Boston 1988

My Friend Lenny
Mintz, Ouida Blatt
Bravura Books, 2016

Leonard Bernstein, Ausdruck eines grossen Musikers
Nerius, Ingeborg
(Portrait of Great Musician) (in German)

Bernstein, A Biography
Peyser, Joan
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Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers
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Lenny's Surprise Piano
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Leonard Bernstein: A Passion for Music
Hurwitz, Johanna
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People of Destiny: Leonard Bernstein
Reidy, John P. & Norman Richards
Chicago: Children's Press, 1967


"Leonard Bernstein's Mass as Sound and Political Commentary on the 1960's"
André, Don A.
University of Washington, 1979

"Social Commentary in the Twentieth Century as Evidenced by Leonard Bernstein's Mass"
Cottle, William A.
Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Northern Colorado, 1978

"The Symphonies of Leonard Bernstein: An Analysis of Motivic Character and Form"
Boselzner, David E.
Master of Fine Arts, University of North Carolina, 1977

"An Analytic Study of Pulished Clarinet Sonatas by American Composers"
Carlucci, Joseph B.
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"A Comparison Between a Descriptive Analysis of Leonard Bernstein's Mass and The Musical Implication of the Critical Evaluations Thereof"
de Sesa, Gary
PhD., New York University, 1984

"The Music of Leonard Bernstein: A Study of elodic Manipulations"
Gottlieb, Jack
Dctor of Musical Arts, University of Illinois, 1964

"Leonard Bernstein's Serenade After Plato's Symposium: An Analysis"
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Doctor of Musical Arts, Cornell University, 1977

"The Anniversaries for Solo Piano by Leonard Bernstein"
Luther, Sigrid
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Moore, James W.
PhD., Florida State University, 1984

"Leonard Bernstein als Musikpädagogik"
Nothbauer, Irene
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"Leonard Bernstein's Works for the Musical Theatre: How the Music Functions Dramatically"
Snyder, Linda J.
Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Illinois, 1982

"The Role of Drama and Spirituality in the Music of Leonard Bernstein"
Copeland, Philip L.
Doctor of Musical Arts, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1998


(in chronological order)
With the exception of The Unanswered Question, all books by Bernstein have been re-printed by Doubleday, NYC in the early 1990's.

The Joy of Music

New York: Simon & Schuster, 1959 (HC), 1963 (PB) New York: Signet Books, The New American Library, 1967 (PB) To Helen Coates: "With deep appreciation for fifteen selfless years"
Introduction: The Happy Medium
Imaginary Conversations:
Bull Session in the Rockies: Scene I. Why Beethoven?
Scene II. What Do You Mean, Meaning?
Whatever Happened to the Great American Symphony?
Why Don' You Run Upstairs and Write a Nice Gershwin Tune?
Interlude: Upper Dubbing, California
Seven OmnibusTelevision Scripts:

  • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
  • The World of Jazz
  • The Art of Conduction
  • American Muscal Comedy
  • Introduction to Modern Music
  • The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • What Makes Opera Grand?

Foreign Editions:

British (London): Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1960 (HC)
Reprints: Panther, 1969/White Lion, 1975 (HC)
Chinese (Hong Kong): World Today Press, (via USIA), publisher (PB)
Czech (Praha-Bratislava): Hubou K Radosti, Editon Supaphon, 1969 (PB)
Danish (Copenhagen): Musikglaede, Det Schönbergske Forlag, 1968 (HC)
German (Stuttgart): Freude an der Musik, Henry Goverts Verlag, 1961 (HC) Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1964 (PB) (Frankfurt): Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1976 (PB) (Munich): Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, B. Schott's Söhne, 1983, (PB)
Hebrew (Tel Aviv): Chaim Nachumi, publisher, 1961 (HC)
Italian (Milan): La Gioia della Musica, Longanesi , Co., 1983 (PB)
Japanese (Tokyo): Ongaku-no-Tomo Sha, 1966 (HC)
Portuguese (Lisbon): O Mundo da Musica, Livros do Brasil, 1968, (PB)
Russian (Moscow):1978, (PB)
Slovene (Ljublijana): Srecne Ure Ob Glabsi, Mladinska Knjiga Int., 1977 (HC)
Spanish: Editorial Letras, publisher, 1961
Swedish (Stockholm): Att Upleva Musik, Pelarbockerna, Svensk Läraretidnings Förlag, 1961 (HC)

Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts for Reading and Listening

New York: Simon & Schuster, 1961 (HC)
Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts, Revised Edition
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1970 (HC)
"To my dearest own Young People: Jamie, Alexander, Nina"
Contents (Revised edition)

  • What Is a Melody?
  • Musical atoms: A Study of Intervals
  • What Does Music Mean?
  • What Is Classical Music?
  • Humor in Music
  • What Makes Music American?
  • Folk Music in the concert Hall
  • What is Impressionism?
  • What Is Orchestration?
  • What Makes Music Symphonic?

Foreign Editions:
British (London): Cassell & Co., 1971 (HC)
The following are all in translation:
French (Paris): Editions Robert Laffont, 1982
German (Töbingen): Konzert für junge Leute. Eine Einführung in die Welt der
Musik zum Lesen und zum Hören. Rainer Wunderlich Verlag, 1969 (HC)
(Munich): Konzert für junge Leute, Albrecht Knaus Verlag, 1985 (PB) Hungarian (Budapest): Hangversenyek Fiataloknak, Editio Musica, 1975 (HC)
Japanese (Tokyo): Zen-On Music, publisher, 1976 (PB)
Portuguese (Lisbon): Concertos para Jovens, publicacoes Europa-America, 1972 Slovene: Opus, publisher, 1977

The Infinite Variety of Music

New York: Simon & Schuster, 1966 (HC)
New York: Plume Books, The New American Library, 1970 (PB)
"For Felicia, with love"
An Imaginary Conversation: The Muzak Muse
Five Television Scripts:

  • The Infinite Variety of Music
  • Jazz in Serious Music
  • The Ageless Mozart (The New York Philharmonic in Venic)
  • Rhythm
  • Romanticism in Music

A Sabbatical Report Four Symphonic Analyses:
Dvorák L Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Opus 95 (From the New World)
Tschaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Opus 74 (Pathétique)
Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 in Flat Major, Opus 55 (Eroica)
Brahms: Symphony No. 4 in E Minor, Opus 98 (Movement I)
[N.B. : originally released as recordings as for the Book-of-the-Month Club (1956-11957). Additional recorded analyses included: Tschaikovsky, Symphony No. 5 and Schumann, Symphony No. 2.]
An Informal Lecture: "Something to Say... "

Foreign Editions:
Briatish (London): Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1968 (HC)/ White Lion(PB)
[The following are all in translation]:
German (Töbingen): Von der unendlichen Vielfalt der Musik, Rainer Wunderlich Verlag, 1969 (HC) (Munich): Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, 1977 (PB)
Hebrew (Tel Aviv): Reshafim Publisher, 1973 (HC)
Hungarian (Budapest): Gondolat Publisher, 1977
Japanese (Tokyo): Zen-On Music, publisher, 1972
Swedish (Stockholm): Musikens Oändliga Rikedom, Raben & Sjögren, 1971 (HC)

The Unanswered Question, Six Talks at Harvard

Cambridge and London: Harvard University Press, 1976 (HC with records) Harvard University Press, 1981 (PB)

  • Musical Phonology (10/9/73)
  • Musical Syntax (10/16/73)
  • Music Semantics (10/23/73)
  • The Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity (10/30/73)
  • The Twentieth Century Crisis (11/6/73)
  • The Poetry of Earth (11/20/73)

Foreign Editions:
French (Paris): La Question sans Réponse, Diapason, Ed. Robert Laffont, 1982 (PB)
German (Vienna): Musik Die offene Frage, Verlag Fritz Molden, 1979 (HC)
Hungarian (Budapest): A Megvalaszolatlan Kerdes, Zenem kiado, 1979 (HC)
Japanese (Tokoyo): Misuzu Shobo, publisher, 1978 (HC)


New York: Simon & Schuster, 1982 (HC)
"To my whom the ensuing pages are most lovingly dedicated"
Juvenilia (1935-1939)
Postwar Meditations (1946-1957)
The New York Philharmonic Years (1959-1967)
The last Decade Till Now: 1969-1980.
Foreign Editions:
British: Macdonald & Co., 1982 (HC)
French (Paris): Les Mots de Ma Vie, Ed. Robert Laffont, 1983 (PB)
German (Hamburg): Erkenntnisse, Albrecht Knaus Verlag, 1983 (HC)
(Munich): Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, B. Schott's Söhne, 1986 (PB) Leonard Bernstein, Ausgewählte Texte (Selected Writings) (German)
Compiled By Hans Christian Meiser
Munich: Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, 1988 (PB)


(Grouped according to series and listed chronologically by telecast, not by date of origination)

*'s = publication in the following books by Bernstein:
* = The Joy of Music
** =The Infinite Variety of Music
*** = LB's Young People's Concerts

OMNIBUS [Programs marked * = with studio orchestras]

  1. *"Beethoven's Fifth Symphony", with Symphony on the Air, 14 November 1954 [LP recording : CBS CL-918/ML-5868/MS-6468]
  2. *"The World of Jazz", 16 October 1955, [LP recording: CBS CL-919; Portuguese release: Isto E Jazz, CBS LPCB-30020; ALondon Symphony Orchestra released in Hebrew]
  3. *"The Art of Conducting" , 4 December 1955
  4. *"The Role of the University in American Life", (at Harvard) 25 March 1956
  5. *"The American in Musical Comedy", 7 October 1956
  6. *"Introduction to Modern Music", 13 January 1957
  7. *"The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach", 31 March 57
  8. "Bernstein : A Musical Travelogue", (re Israel) 1 December 1957
  9. *"What Makes Opera Grand?", 23 March 1958
  10. "A Midwinter Night's Dream", (re Lincoln Center) 1 January 1961

LINCOLN PRESENTS [with the New York Philharmonic]

  1. "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony", 30 November 1958
  2. **"Jazz in Serious Music", 25 January 1959
  3. **"The Infinite Variety of Music", 22 February 1959
  4. "The Humors of Music", 22 March 1959, [LP recording : CBS ML-5625/MS-6225]

FORD PRESENTS [with the New York Philharmonic]

  1. "Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in Moscow" , 25 October 1959
  2. **"Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in Venice: The Ageless Mozart", 22 November 1959
  3. "Christmas Startime", 22 December 1959 [The above three programs, as well as Program No. 1 of Lincoln Presents were privately recorded by Kenon and Eckhardt, Inc. NYC]
  4. "The Creative Performer", 31 January 1960
  5. **"Rhythm", 13 March 1960
  6. "Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in Berlin", 24 November 1960
  7. **"Romanticism in Music", 22 January 1961
  8. "Drama into Opera: Oedipus Rex", 26 February 1961
  9. "A Joyful Noise", 14 December 1961
  10. "Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in Japan", 6 February 1962
  11. "The Drama of Carmen", 11 March 1962

YOUNG PEOPLES CONCERTS [with the New York Philharmonic]

  1. ***"What Does Music Mean?", 18 January 1958
  2. ***"What Makes Music American?", 1 February 1958
  3. ***"What Is Orchestration?", 8 March 1958
  4. ***"What Makes Music Symphonic?", 13 December 1958
  5. ***"What is Classical Music?", 24 January 1958
  6. ***"Humor in Music", 28 February 1959
  7. "What is a Concerto?", 28 March 1959
  8. "Who is Gustav Mahler?" , 7 February 1960
  9. "Young Performers No. 1", 6 March 1960
  10. "Unusual Instruments of Present, Past and Future", 27 March 1960
  11. "Second Hurricane", 24 April 1960
  12. "Overtures and Preludes", 8 January 1961
  13. "Aaron Copland Birthday Party", 12 February 1961
  14. "Young Performers No. 2", 19 March 1961
  15. ***"Folk Music in the Concert Hall", 9 Apri; 1961
  16. ***"What is Impressionism?", 23 November 1961
  17. "The Road to Paris" , 18 January 1962
  18. "Igor Stravinsky Birthday Party", 26 March 1962
  19. "Young Performers No. 3", 14 April 1962
  20. "The Second of a Hall", 21 November 1962
  21. ***"What is a Melody?", 21 December 1962, (in revised edition)
  22. "Young Performers No. 4", 15 January 1963
  23. "The Latin American Spirit", 8 March 1963
  24. "A Tribute to Teachers", 29 November 1963
  25. "Young Performers No. 5", 23 December 1963
  26. "The Genius of Paul Hindemith", 23 February 1964
  27. "Jazz in the Concert Hall", 11 March 1964
  28. "What is Sonata Form?", 6 November 1964
  29. "Farewell to Nationalism", 30 November 1964
  30. "Young Performers No. 6" , 28 January 1965
  31. "A Tribute to Sibelius", 19 February 1965
  32. ***"Musical Atoms: A Study of Intervals", 29 November 1965
  33. "The Sound of an Orchestra", 14 December 1965
  34. "A Birthday Tribute to Shostakovich:, 5 January 1966
  35. "Young Performers No. 7", 22 February 1966
  36. "What is a Mode?", 23 November 1966
  37. "Young Performers No. 8", 27 January 1967
  38. "Charles Ives: American Pioneer", 23 February 1967
  39. "Alumni Reunion", 19 April 1967
  40. "A Toast to Vienna in 3/4 Time", 25 December 1967
  41. "Forever Beethoven", 28 January 1968
  42. "Young Performers No. 9", 31 March 1968
  43. "Quiz-Concert: How Musical Are You?", 26 May 1968
  44. "Fantastic Variations (Don Quixote)", 25 December 1968
  45. "Bach Transmogrified", 27 April 1969
  46. "Berlioz Takes a Trip", 25 May 1969
  47. "Two Ballet Birds", 14 September 1969
  48. "Fidelio: A Celebration of Life", 29 March 1970
  49. "The Anatomy of a Symphony Orchestra", 24 May 1970
  50. "A Copland Celebration", 27 December 1970
  51. "Thus Spoke Richard Strauss", 4 April 1971
  52. "Liszt and the Devil", 13 February 1972
  53. "Holst: the Planets", 26 March 1972

"THE UNANSWERED QUESTION" [Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard] [with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra] Dates given are air dates on the Public Broadcasting System. The original lectures took place in 1973.

  1. "Musical Phonology", 11 January 1976
  2. "Musical Syntax", 18 January 1976
  3. "Musical Semantics", 25 January 1976
  4. "The Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity", 8 February 1976
  5. "The Twentieth Century Crisis" , 15 February 1976
  6. "The Poetry of Earth", 22 February 1976 Published as a book. See listing under Books.

OTHER T.V. SCRIPTS [with LB as analyst, commentator]

  1. "Inside Pop-The Rock Revolution", with Janis Ian , 26 April 1967
  2. "The Symphonic Twilight", works by Stravinsky/Shostakovich/Sibelius, London Symphony Orchestra, 1967
  3. "Beethoven's Birthday: A Celebration in Vienna", Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, 24 December 1971
  4. "Stravinsky, Memorial Concert", London Symphony Orchestra, April 1972
  5. "Leonard Bernstein's Mass", Vienna introduced by LB, 27 February 1974
  6. "Bernstein at Tanglewood", introduction by LB, 25 December 1974
  7. "Stravinsky: Les Noces", English Bach Festival, 1977
  8. "Tribute to Aaron Copland", Kennedy Center Honors, December 1979
  9. "Teachers and Teaching", 1980
  10. "Beethoven/Bernstein" Series: The Nine Symphonies/String Quartet, Opus 131/Leonore Overture No. 3/Creatures of Prometheus/Coriolanus Overture/Egmont Overture/King Stephen Overture, Missa Solemnis, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna, filmed 1977-1981
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  23. Berlin Freedom Concert, 1989
  24. "September 1, 1939", Warsaw, 1989
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  26. Pacific Music Festival, 1990


On the Town, directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen/Lennie Hayton, music director(MGM, 1949). Color 16mm, videotape & laser videodisc available from MGM/United Artists. 98'.
Used only four Bernstein numbers: "I Feel Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet/New York, New York" (adapted)/"Miss Turnstiles Dance" (adapted)/"Come Up To My Place"/"A Day in New York Ballet" (adapted from Times Square Ballet, Lonely Town Pas De Deux & Imaginary Coney Island). All other music was not by Bernstein.

On The Waterfront, directed by Elia Kazan (Columbia, 1964). Black & white 16mm available from Films, Inc. Videotape available from RCA/Columbia Pictures. 108'. Background score by Bernstein. Morris Stoloff, Music Director.

West Side Story, directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise/Johnny Green, music director (United Artists, 1961). Voted "Best Picture of the Year", earned 10 Oscars, 1961.
Color 16mm, videotape and laser videodisc available from MGM/United Artists. 162'. Laserdisc taken directly off a 65MM print and supervised by co-director Robert Wise.


Reflections, produced by Peter Rosen for US International Communications Agency, a film exploring LB's career. Not available in USA. Elsewhere in the world, available through US embassies.

Journey to Jerusalem (1967), directed by Michael Mindlin, with Jennie Tourel/Natania Devrath/Isaac Stern/Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir/LB conducting the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, after the Six Day War. Distributed by Orion Films.


Leonard Bernstein: Larger Than Life (2016)
West Side Story: The Making of a Classic (2016 - BBC Broadcast)
Leonard Bernstein : A Genius Divided (2018)
Passions: Bernstein, by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (2018)
Bernstein/Karajan (Unitel)

Audio Broadcast:
Bernstein and Me (2018 - BBC)

West Side Berlin (2014) - about the WSS US Department of Justice West Side Story Project in Berlin

There have been numerous uses of LB music in documentary and feature film soundtracks. A large portion of Fancy Free is heard in Rear Window (Hitchcock).

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