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Now Streaming: The Knights' "Candide"

Posted August 24, 2020

The Knights' Candide. Photo by Christopher Duggan.
The Knights Orchestra is set to stream Candide on August 25, 2020, in celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s 102 birthday.

The production was directed by Alison Moritz and starred Miles Mykkanen in the title role with Sharleen Joynt as Cunegonde, Margaret Gawrsyak as the Old Lady, and Evan Jones as Pangloss, Voltaire, and Cacambo. Other cast members include Alexander Elliot, Alex Mansoori, Sarah Larsen, Emma Sorenson, Zoe Johnson, Chandler Johnson, Luke Macmillan, John Eirich, and Courtney Lopes.

“The musicianship throughout — instrumental and vocal — was extraordinary… Keller writes in his program notes ‘it is impossible to point to any one version as the best of all possible ‘Candides.’’ I beg to differ,” said a review by The Berkshire Eagle.

Candide will stream on the orchestra's website on Tuesday, August 25, at 7:00pm EDT and will be available to watch through Friday, September 4.

The Knights' production of Candide. Photo by Christopher Duggan
Photos by Christopher Duggan

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