Anniversaries for Piano

Seven Anniversaries, Four Anniversaries, Five Anniversaries, Thirteen Anniversaries Each set of Anniversaries consists of individual movements, each written for a different person in Bernstein’s life.

Bridal Suite

A pièce d’occasion written for songwriter-lyricist Adolph Green and actress-comedienne Phyllis Newman upon their marriage, the suite, “in 2 parts with 3 encores,” was intended to be played side by side by the Greens.

Four Sabras

The sabra is a cactus-type plant with tough thorns on the outside and sweet flesh inside. In common usage, it is applied to native-born Israelis. The Sabras in this piece are: 1) Ilana, the Dreamer; 2) Idele, the Hassidele (little Jew, the little Hassid); 3) Yosi, the Jokester; and 4) Dina, the To…

Music for Two Pianos

Bernstein composed this piece in 1937, at the age of 19.

Piano Sonata

One of Bernstein's earliest works, composed while he was a student, for solo piano.

Bernstein composed his Piano Trio for piano, violin, and cello in 1937, while he was attending Harvard University.

Why are these dances called symphonic? Simply because the dance music, even in its original format, is symphonically conceived. Relatively few thematic ideas, combined with each other and metamorphosed into completely new shapes, are all that are necessary to meet the varying dramatic requirements…


Composed for the Sixth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition at Fort Worth, Texas, Bernstein's piece for solo piano cycles through a chorale, eight variations, and a coda.

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